Dangerous/Defective Properties

Pittsburgh Premises Liability Law Firm

Have you been injured as the result of dangerous conditions on someone else’s property? If so, the personal injury attorneys at Ainsman, Levine , can help you pursue a premises liability claim. Premises liability claims can recover damages for injuries resulting from conditions such as slippery floors, broken or defective sidewalks and other surfaces, unsafe ice and snow, the presence of dangerous animals, inadequate security resulting in assault, falling objects, and dangerous or toxic chemicals – to name just a few.

Injuries that may give rise to a valid premises liability claim can arise in a variety of public, private, and commercial properties, including shopping malls, parking lots, ramps, walkways, stadiums, hotels and motels, supermarkets, and warehouse stores.

In the United States, trip and fall incidents result in countless injuries each year – and are one of the more common claims we encounter. Our Pennsylvania premises liability lawyers understand that problems arise when we come upon unexpected changes in the surface upon which we are walking. Walking is a motor skill. It is not a conscious effort. Therefore, to avoid the hazards or adjust our walking to changes in the surface, we must be conscious of the changes. If you have been injured in a slip and fall incident, including those that result from slippery floors, contact us for the services of a Pittsburgh personal injury attorney that understands the issues, and knows how to get the results you need.

If you have been injured as the result of dangerous conditions on someone else’s property, contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation with a skilled Pennsylvania premises liability attorney that is supported by a personal injury law firm dedicated to protecting you and your future – in and out of court.