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Lawsuits show possible abuse of brain injury patients

Serious injuries can do more than cause a few weeks of inconvenient recovery. They can end careers, disable bodies and cause lasting psychological trauma as well as physical pain. But few injuries are more serious and long-lasting than brain injuries.

A pair of lawsuits may show a pattern of abuse and neglect at a facility caring for around 4,000 people with physical and mental disabilities in Bucks County. One suit claims that a 21-year-old man with autism and occasional seizures was beaten by staff after he responded to being denied food. The other suit was brought by representatives of a 15-year-old girl who may have been stepped on in the facility.

Hazing tragedy at Pennsylvania university leads to guilty pleas

Any injury can feel like a robbery. People must spend precious time in recovery, they have high expenses at a time when it is harder to earn and some lifestyle changes may last for a lifetime. Some accidents and actions are dangerous enough to cause death, and survivors of victims can feel quite lost.

This may be especially true if survivors do not feel the law is being firm enough with the people who caused pain or fatalities. A recent series of criminal cases against members of a fraternity at a Pennsylvania university has left the families of a dead student wondering if the punishment was enough.

Tips for heavy lifting without injury

Production line workers, cooks and delivery drivers are familiar with work that requires heavy lifting rain or shine. However, as the weather warms, even more jobs will open that require physical labor.

If you’ll be lifting large or heavy objects regularly at work, keep these tips in mind to prevent injury.

Beware of potholes

Spring has sprung, but winter has taken its toll. While it may seem like less snow and ice would make driving safer, winter often leaves the roads in bad shape.

As the snow and ice continue to melt, you’ll likely begin to notice large cracks and potholes in the roads.

Can you choose your doctor for a workers’ compensation injury?

If you have been injured on the job, you may be inclined to visit your regular physician for a diagnosis and treatment options.

However, if you choose the wrong physician, you could accidentally disqualify yourself from workers’ compensation benefits that would cover your medical expenses and lost wages.

New Pennsylvania law may expand occupational injuries

Pennsylvania's Workers' Compensation Act is an essential protection for all types of employees across the state. Although the most notable workplace injuries are often in factories or warehouses where machinery and high-volume products pose risks, office workers can suffer repetitive stress injuries and anyone can experience an accident. One type of injury is getting more attention as it affects a disturbing number of Pennsylvanians.

The government in Harrisburg is considering House Bill 432, which would recognize post-traumatic stress as an occupational injury. First responders, including firefighters and emergency medical technicians, are generally in favor of this distinction, as it would allow them to seek the same protections and workers' compensation for treatment.

Personal injury lawsuits help people recover from trauma

If a person hurts himself, there are a lot of emotions that can gather. Other than the anger and depression that can come with physical pain or limited mobility, someone may also feel shame at slowing himself down with an accident. These emotions can get more complicated when another person is involved.

When a person hurts someone else, even in an accident, he or she may be liable for financial damages if the victim of pain or injury files a lawsuit in civil court. These lawsuits may result in a verdict from a jury that decides the value of a person's claim or often results in an out-of-court settlement that causes the victim to drop the suit.

Do horses pose a safety risk?

Many people find horses to be beautiful, magnificent animals. They are powerful, yet sleek. And whether you are a professional rider or enjoy horseback riding for sport, horses can help you access terrain another mode of transportation might not allow you to see or win trophies for dancing gracefully.

Undoubtedly, riding horseback can be thrilling. Whether racing, jumping or exploring your farmland, few moments match those experienced on horseback. However, as beautiful and enjoyable as it is to be on or around horses, there are also risks involved.

Pennsylvania driver killed in possible DUI incident

From the wide lanes of the turnpike to the winding paths through the Allegheny Mountains, Pennsylvania holds some of America's great scenic roads. Millions of commuter frequent many of these roads on a daily basis. Many put their lives at risk without knowing it, thanks to drunk drivers.

Some hazards created by the time of day or conditions on the road create problems that cannot be avoided. But one pernicious factor in dangerous car accidents is drivers who operate a car or truck while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Impaired drivers are more easily distracted and lack the good judgment to be a safe driver.

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