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Brain injuries can mean the end of your current profession

The human brain is an incredible organ that is responsible for all of our conscious decisions and unconscious bodily functions that keep us alive, like breathing. Unfortunately, the brain is also delicate, meaning that it is easy to injure in certain circumstances, including situations the average American experiences every day.

Traveling at high speeds inside a metal box is a perfect recipe for a serious brain injury. Between the many surfaces on which you can strike your head and the potential for jarring, shaking motions that could also damage your brain, there are many ways for someone to wind up with a brain injury in a car crash.

1 injured and 1 killed in freak accident

On a recent Pennsylvania weekend, there was a freak accident involving multiple vehicles and a utility pole. The accident resulted in a personal injury and a fatality, as well as extreme damage to the vehicles. Sadly, the accident happened when one person was trying to help another.

The first motorist involved was in an accident and was stopped to deal with the problems that accident caused. A second motorist, who was not involved in the original accident stopped to help. This was a pure act of kindness that the second motorist's friends and family members can take great pride in.

Ladder safety tips for everyone

If you are a construction worker in Pittsburgh, you probably already know that your job is dangerous. In fact, the construction industry has one of the highest rates of workplace accidents compared to other jobs. While there are many hazards on job sites, such as exposed live wires, falling objects and potentially malfunctioning equipment, falls are the leading cause of injuries for construction workers. Falling just a few feet off a ladder can cause broken bones, a concussion and other serious injuries.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to reduce your chances of a workplace accident involving a ladder. Here are some ladder safety tips that everyone should follow.

Unusual accident caught on video

Pennsylvania is a busy tourist destination each summer, in addition to being home for many people and a center of commerce and industry. Correspondingly, there are many cars, trucks and other vehicles on Pennsylvania roads, and drivers need to be particularly careful to be aware of those other vehicles, along with their surroundings. Failure to do so can result in both minor and serious injuries for themselves and others.

One recent car accident in Pennsylvania was caught on video and has become a viral sensation. The video was captured as the event happened live by a camera just outside WPVI-TV studios.

Recognizing the signs of post-traumatic stress after trauma

When someone survives a horrific injury other accident, most people immediately respond with the thought, "At least they survived."

Unfortunately, for the victim of some of the most catastrophic accidents, survival may sometimes seem less of a blessing than others may think. When a victim is left with massive injuries, amputations, burns, paralysis and other injuries that will never go away, there are often psychological injuries that are also present in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Traumatic brain injuries can impact your health and job

Brain injuries are some of the most misunderstood injuries that people suffer. Your brain is in charge of everything from your respiration and heart rate to your ability to remember things and your personality. If you suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI), it may not always be obvious at first. Delayed symptoms are common, and they differ from person to person.

Too many people assume that the symptoms of a TBI are universal, but the symptoms people experience can vary drastically. That is, in part, because brains are very complex and can react slightly differently for each person.

Breaking traffic rules can injure multiple people

Following traffic rules while driving on Pennsylvania roads may seem incidental to some. Those people may carelessly break those rules, figuring that they can get away with doing so. However, traffic rules exist for good reasons and should be followed. When they are not followed, motor vehicle accidents happen.

A recent example was a man, 56, who was driving a Honda Civic through the intersection of routes 356 and 56, toward Lower Burrell at about 10:45 a.m. According to authorities, the man flagrantly ran a red light. That put his Honda Civic directly in the path of a truck. The truck, in contrast to the Honda Civic, was being driven in accordance with traffic rules. It had a green light and was making a left turn when the Honda Civic slammed into it in a devastating car crash.

You may not notice these injuries right after a wreck

Imagine driving through Pittsburgh on your way to work. Things are going fine until another car runs a red light and slams into the side of your vehicle. While your car took a pretty nasty hit and might actually be totaled, you don't feel anything wrong immediately after the wreck.

This is not unusual. While a broken bone is typically pretty obvious, other soft tissue and internal injuries may take a back seat to the initial adrenaline rush. Since you might suffer from delayed injuries, you may not even realize that you were injured until hours or even days later.

3 main dangers to your brain in a car crash

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are some of the most serious injuries people can suffer in an automobile collision. Crashes account for about 14% of all TBIs. Unlike many other serious injuries, such as broken phones, TBIs can result from a number of risk factors in a crash. Broken bones, on the other hand, are usually the result of extreme pressure applied to a limb.

Despite the myriad ways in which a bone can break, there is really only one way in which a car crash breaks a bone. However, there are several different ways in which a motor vehicle collision can result in brain injuries. Familiarizing yourself with these three primary means of hurting your brain can help you take steps to keep your brain as safe as possible.

Resolution of suit after Heinz Field death will be confidential

Pittsburgh is known all over the world as a city that takes its sports seriously. The tenacity and dedication of baseball, hockey and football spectators has made the Steel City a very imposing prospect for away teams. Unfortunately, things can occasionally get out of hand.

We may never know who is found responsible for the death of a man at a home game at Heinz Field where an apparent altercation led to a fatal injury. A case brought by a survivor of the victim will be subject to a confidentiality agreement worked about by the plaintiff's attorneys and the lawyers for one of the defendants.

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