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April 2015 Archives

College student critically hurt in hit-and-run bike accident

Bicycles are common sights around college campuses. They are cheap and convenient transportation for getting around. But for students in urban areas, riding a bike on city streets can put them in danger of getting hit by negligent motorists, likely causing them serious injury.

More about Pennsylvania's Workers' Compensation Appeals Board

It has been a couple of weeks since we shared an overview of Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system with our readers. At the end of that post, we mentioned that injured or sickened workers have the right to appeal when they are unhappy with the initial result.

Lives of families of brain injury victims also change

A severe brain injury usually affects more than the person who sustains it. Most people have family, like a spouse, children or parents, whose lives also change. They do not suffer from the symptoms of a TBI, but they must now live with a loved one who may be permanently disabled.

How do workers' compensation claims work in Pennsylvania?

A person who gets hurt or sick at work will probably care more about getting their rightful compensation as soon as possible than knowing the nuts and bolts of the workers’ compensation process. However, for those looking for a brief overview, here is a summary of how workers’ compensation works in Pennsylvania, as provided by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

Truck accidents can be caused by driver, employer or both

Tractor-trailers provide a vital service. They transport goods and products across the United States, including here in Pennsylvania. As a crossroads of the Northwest region of the country, thousands of semi trucks pass through Western and Central Pennsylvania every day, hauling millions of tons of materials.

Suspected drunk driver kills woman in Pittsburgh suburbs

Once again, drinking and driving seems to have cost an innocent person her life in the Pittsburgh area. We all know that drinking and driving don’t mix, but people continue to think that the facts don’t apply to them. Too often, the result is serious injury and death.

Smell test may detect brain injury

Doctors and researchers are always looking for faster and more accurate tests for possible brain trauma. The sooner a victim of traumatic brain injury can be diagnosed, the sooner he or she can begin receiving treatment, which may reduce his or her symptoms and the injury’s long-term effects.