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July 2015 Archives

How Pennsylvania treats roadside memorials to car crash victims

Because we must use the same city streets and highways where tragic auto accidents sometimes occur, we all have seen roadside memorials to the deceased. It is often just a matter of hours before friends and family begin leaving flowers, signs and mementos honoring the victim at the spot where he or she was fatally wounded.

Van overturns on Route 8, closing road

An accident on Route 8 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania left the road shut down and officials wondering just what in the world happened. A white van was driving down Route 8 when it caught the curb and was pulled towards a pole. The van collided with the pole and rolled over, leaving the driver of the vehicle rattled and the vehicle itself in a very damaged state.

Harvard study suggests possible future cure for brain injuries

Imagine a pill or injection that doctors could give to people right after they suffered a head injury in a car accident, in battle or on the sports field that would protect them from long-term effects. This wonderful idea is years away from becoming a reality, but a new study from Harvard suggests that scientists are a step closer.

What should you do after a car accident?

For many people out there, getting into a car accident will be a first for them. These are the lucky ones, the people who have never had to deal with their insurance company in the wake of a wreck before. But that doesn't mean they don't deserve sympathy. Car accidents are traumatic and confusing events. And for these car accident newbies, they may not know exactly what they're supposed to do following a crash.

OSHA targeting unsafe workplaces for health care employees

Ironically, people whose job it is to help sick and injured people get better are at serious risk of getting hurt themselves. Nurses and other health care professionals routinely develop musculoskeletal injuries from having to lift and handle patients’ bodies. Not only that, but catching illnesses and suffering from workplace violence and slips and falls are also common events.

Trucker charged in fatal loose trailer accident from April

Imagine you are driving on the highway when the trailer of a passing semi truck suddenly swings across the median, into your path. Maybe one second later, you have crashed into the trailer. It is very likely that you and your passengers will be seriously hurt as a result of colliding with such a huge, out-of-control object.

How does alcohol increase a driver's risk of causing an accident?

Anyone who has ever drank alcohol to the point of intoxication knows the strange combination of relaxation, giddiness and clumsiness it can cause. Drinking can be pleasurable, but it can also make us unfit to drive. What is it about alcohol that affects the human brain this way?