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Using technology to help with driver fatigue

Pennsylvania residents know that in today's busy environment, many people cannot find the time to sleep enough. While this is a common complaint for many adults, it can also become a deadly problem when mixed with driving. Drowsy driving, caused from fatigue and lack of sleep, often leads to serious and sometimes fatal accidents.

New color-changing polymer could indicate brain trauma

A research team at the University of Pennsylvania has developed a polymer-based material that changes colors based on how hard it is hit. The material could be added to protective headgear worn by athletes, soldiers and workers to indicate when they have suffered a brain injury.

Clean flushing stations keep Pennsylvania workers safe

According to OSHA, there is a chance of infection whenever eyewash stations are not properly overseen. Such stations are required whenever a worker may encounter substances with more than 0.1 percent or greater formaldehyde. They must also be present whenever a person may encounter corrosive chemicals or who is working in laboratories researching HIV or HBV. Research and medical facilities may keep them to ensure eye safety for anyone who may come into contact with such materials.

OSHA paying a closer look at workplace amputations

Due to the risk of long-term injury or death from an amputation, OSHA has begun a campaign to increase worker safety in especially hazardous industries. The federal agency is targeting sawmills, commercial bakeries and retail establishments in Pennsylvania and around the country for further evaluation. They are being closely monitored due to worker interaction with machines that could cause serious injury or death if not used or guarded properly.

Mining deaths lead to increased safety enforcement

Pennsylvania families with loved ones working in the mining industry may be concerned about on-the-job hazards and safety. On Aug. 3, three mining workers across the country perished in separate work-related incidents in three different states. An official with the Mine Safety and Health Administration noted that this is the first time that this many people in the sector have died on the same day since 2002. Additionally, the official commented on the fact that there have been five deaths across the industry in just the last month.

Brain trauma in Pennsylvania

Until recently, Pennsylvania physicians have relied on magnetic resonance imaging and computerized tomography scans in order to determine the severity of brain trauma. The traditional images only supply a part of the picture when cerebral injury occurs, though, as they are effective in detecting intracranial bleeding but have no way of pinpointing cellular damage. However, medical researchers have developed a diagnostic blood test that isolates a specific protein in the brain that can help provide information about the extent of a person's injury.

Safety concerns and prevention tips for lone workers

Pennsylvania employees likely know that workplace safety depends on being alert and watching out not just for themselves, but also for their coworkers. However, when an employee is alone, working in an isolated or out-of-the way location, there are certain concerns that arise, since they do not have a coworker who can look out for them in case of an injury or other emergency.

Workplace injuries among new nurses

Pennsylvania residents may be familiar with research detailing how workers in the health care industry tend to suffer a high rate of workplace injuries. The RN Work Project recently looked into the workplace hazards faced by nurses, and their findings were published by the International Journal of Nursing Studies. The data was collected by sending a 100 question survey to nurses.

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