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November 2015 Archives

Safe driving advances and considerations

Pennsylvania roads can be dangerous, making safety an important consideration for those with long commutes. While an individual might think that shortening a commute by 2 miles won't make much difference in driving safety, this action could reduce one's personal vehicle miles by 500 over the course of a year. Nationally, all households making a comparable reduction could lower cumulative vehicle miles enough to potentially save nearly 550 more lives annually. The financial benefits of such a reduction could be another factor that might prompt commuters to re-think their routes.

OSHA fines plastering company for worker's falling death

Pennsylvania readers may be interested to learn that the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration has cited a Phoenix-based plastering company for safety violations stemming from the falling death of a worker earlier this year. In its report, which was issued Nov. 10, the agency recommended a fine of $407,600.

Potential consequences of head injuries in Pennsylvania

According to the National Institutes of Health, there are close to four million concussions each year just from sports and recreational activities, and the numbers get even higher when injuries from things like car accidents are included. For most people, recovery from these types of injuries will take about three weeks. About 20 percent of people will have significantly longer recovery times.

Limiting noise exposure in Pennsylvania

Exposure to loud noise on Pennsylvania construction sites can lead to permanent hearing loss while making it more difficult to communicate on a job site. Outside of work, irreversible hearing loss may make it harder to talk with friends or take part in other social activities. This can lead to social isolation and depression, and it can also increase the risk of heart disease.

Tips for preventing a jackknife

Pennsylvania truck drivers can take steps to avoid jackknifing depending on the cause of the problem and the point at which they realize it is happening. It is important to keep an eye on mirrors to check the frequency of trailer swing. If a driver is towing a trailer and notices that a jackknife is already in progress, increasing speed may straighten it. In other cases, releasing the brake may increase traction. For a tractor jackknife caused by accelerating too quickly, drivers should let up on the gas pedal until they get traction again and steer out.

OSHA increases health care oversight

In June 2015, OSHA made it a priority to increase oversight of nursing homes and other health care facilities in Pennsylvania and nationwide. A guidance memo submitted by the federal agency required state and federal OSHA offices to find out the incidence of workplace-related injuries in health care and inpatient facilities. After collecting data, those with a high rate of workplace injuries or illnesses would be targeted for inspection.