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January 2016 Archives

The dangers of excavation and trenching

The construction industry is full of hazards, especially when it comes to excavation and trenching, as many Pennsylvania workers know. In fact, compared with those who work in general construction, construction workers involved in excavation work are more likely to suffer a fatal injury.

Drowsy driving may have caused a San Jose bus crash

Fatigue leads to serious car accidents in Pennsylvania and around the country every year. In San Jose, California, a bus driver admitted to feeling tired right before he crashed into safety barrels on the side of the road in the early morning hours of Jan. 19. The bus flipped onto its side, resulting in the death of two people and injuries to at least eight others. There were 20 passengers on the bus when the accident occurred.

The National Transportation Safety Board's Most Wanted List

Pennsylvania drivers who frequent US roadways may be interested in learning that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has recently stated that it wants to issue a wake-up call for fatigued drivers. It has placed fatigued driving on its 2016 Most Wanted List for safety improvements.

Most common workplace injuries in Pennsylvania

According to the 2016 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, overexertion involving outside sources was the most common type of workplace injury. This was determined using data from 2013, and the index was created using information from Liberty Mutual as well as the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Academy of Social Insurance.

Brain injuries and increased concussion risks for women

Pennsylvanians who have been injured in an accident may be interested in new findings that suggest that women may be at a higher risk of incidence for concussions. The film 'Concussion" has resulted in a rise in the discussion of the traumatic brain injury, but while most of the discourse focuses on brain damage among professional athletes, one group has been largely ignored. According to one neurosurgeon and director of the Stanford Concussion and Brain Performance Center, there has been a lack of research into the incidence of concussions among women.

Frightening brain injuries can result from minor bumps

Many people in Pennsylvania incur brain injuries each year that can quickly worsen while remaining unnoticed by victims and their physicians. One particular type with potentially devastating effects most often affects people in older age groups and can arise from an injury as seemingly minor as a bump against a wooden beam.

Lack of worker protections in gig economy spawns lawsuits

Workers in Pennsylvania should be interested in the court cases developing on the West Coast concerning companies that depend on independently contracted labor. Such workers are not legally classified as employees. Therefore, their employers do not pay any Social Security taxes or provide workers' compensation insurance. Also at issue is the inability of such workers to legally unionize and negotiate collectively for better work terms.