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March 2016 Archives

Fraud in workers' compensation cases

While some employees in Pennsylvania and other states might rely on workers' compensation benefits when an on-the-job injury occurs, others take advantage of the insurance employers are required to purchase for their workers. The National Insurance Crime Bureau estimated that fraudulent workplace compensation claims total as much as $7.2 billion annually. Surveillance and social media helps companies ensure that injury claims are valid.

Auto manufacturers agree to install automatic braking systems

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hopes to make automatic braking systems standard on all new vehicles marketed in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country by 2022. It has been instrumental in brokering a voluntary agreement among 10 major manufacturers of light vehicles, helping them to institute the safety systems by September of that year. Some of the automakers include Ford, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler and Honda.

Effective treatments in the near future for spasticity

People from Pennsylvania who have undergone trauma to their spinal columns, whether through accident, injury or illness, may be aware of a condition known as spasticity. This disabling injury occurs when the neurological control of a body part or area is impaired, causing the muscle or muscles to spasm, flex or contract uncontrollably. Modern research on this debilitating condition is now evaluating the possibility of satisfactory pharmaceutical treatments, and this is thanks to the researchers who discovered the exact mechanism by which spasticity occurs.

Largest single-center brain injury study aims to standardize care

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, emergency room doctors treat over 2.2 million Americans for traumatic brain injuries yearly. However, Pennsylvania readers may be surprised to learn that there is not a standardized approach in the emergency room for caring for TBI patients. Patients may receive different tests and treatments at different hospitals. Now, researchers are hoping to change that.

Push to require crane operator licensing continues

Pennsylvania residents may have heard about a mobile construction crane that collapsed in New York City in February, killing a pedestrian. Manhattan was also the site of two fixed-place, or "tower," crane collapses that claimed the lives of nine people in 2008. According to federal and private inspectors, most crane operators are well trained by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators. However, some safety advocates are pushing for a federal certification system to ensure all crane operators meet uniform training standards.

Earlier is better for spinal cord injury rehabilitation

For those people in Pennsylvania who have suffered a spinal injury the road to recovery may be long and difficult. However, promising research on the subject indicates that better treatment practices and techniques might be just around the corner. The researchers believe that starting spinal rehabilitation as soon as it is clinically possible seems to be associated with more positive outcomes.

Safety protocols for employers

Pennsylvania companies can take steps to make their workplaces safer. Having the right safety equipment and equipment for lifting is important as are safety protocols. Being safe should not come second to increasing productivity. That same principle of prioritizing safety over productivity should be followed when creating employee schedules.

Driver arrested in car salesman's death

A car salesman was killed on Feb. 23, when the driver of the vehicle he was riding in lost control and hit a tree after reportedly speeding down the road. The accident took place in Ontario, California, at about 12:45 p.m. during a test drive of a vehicle from a CarMax lot, a company that has several locations in Pennsylvania.