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July 2016 Archives

Gender discrimination in workers' compensation benefits

Pennsylvania women should know that discrimination against women workers also extends to workers' compensation. An example of this is demonstrated in a California class-action lawsuit that alleges reduced workers' compensation benefits are paid out to women due to their gender. The women in the lawsuit want to rid the workers' compensation system of all gender discrimination. They are requesting that gender no longer be a determining factor when deciding on benefit amounts and that gender bias training programs are available.

Brain changes after concussion are noticeable for years

People who participate in college sports in Pennsylvania may sustain concussion injuries at some point. Until recently, mild sport concussions were believed to be short-term injuries that did not have a lasting effect on the brain. However, research has shown that athletes with a history of concussions suffer from noticeable brain abnormalities years after being injured.

New drug may help Pennsylvania brain injury patients

A study released by the Journal of Neuroscience indicates that when individuals sustain brain injuries, their brains stop benefiting from certain molecules that promote memory. The researchers also suggest that a new experimental medication called PDE4B might increase the functionality of these compounds. In tests, the PDE4B inhibitors were demonstrated to reverse some brain-injury-related memory problems in animals.

Road fatalities overseas falling faster than in the U.S.

While road users in Pennsylvania and around the country may be in less danger today than they were a decade ago, road safety advances in other developed nations have led to falls in fatality rates that are far more dramatic than those recorded in the United States. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report July 6 that compared the rate of motorist, pedestrian and cyclist deaths in the U.S. between 2000 and 2013 with the number of traffic accident fatalities in 19 other developed countries.

Settling truck accident lawsuits in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania residents who sue a negligent truck driver or trucking company after being harmed in an accident may be encouraged to settle out of court. These cases often involve catastrophic injuries, and litigation can get very expensive when significant amounts are at stake. Settling a case quickly eliminates risk, prevents litigation getting bogged down and avoids escalating legal fees, but it also involves accepting less than a jury would probably have awarded.

Dangers of welding fumes

Pennsylvania welders need to understand the dangers involved with exposure to the toxic substances contained in welding smoke and fumes. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration states that numerous dangerous byproducts, including arsenic, hydrogen fluoride, lead,manganese, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, argon, aluminum and beryllium are often contained in welding fumes and may result in serious harm to workers.

Autonomous crash-avoidance technology announced for trucks

In the future, some tractor-trailers traveling on Pennsylvania freeways might be equipped with technology designed to reduce rear-end collisions. Two global truck parts companies, ZF and WABCO, have announced their joint effort to bring the Evasive Maneuver Assist system to the market. This technology would use sensory data and autonomous truck controls to steer a big rig around a stopped vehicle to avoid an accident.