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December 2016 Archives

Sleep therapy offers treatment potential for brain injury

Better sleep patterns have long been recognized as an important marker of stronger cognitive function. A study suggests that victims of brain trauma in Pennsylvania may soon see restoration of normal sleep patterns as a therapeutic tool for recovery. The peer-reviewed study published in Neurology began with recognition of two facts by the researchers. Loss of cognitive function happens alongside disrupted sleep patterns, and normal patterns are "necessary for the generation of new neurons and new connections between neurons in the brain."

Risk of injury and the aging workforce

In Pennsylvania and elsewhere across the country, the aging of America may have serious implications in the workplace. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates, workers who are 55 or older will comprise 24.8 percent of the workforce by 2024, and consequently, the increased physical vulnerability that may be associated with this demographic could negatively impact recovery and rehabilitation from any on-the-job injuries that might occur to these workers.

Snapchat mph app linked to accidents

Thousands of road users around the country are killed or catastrophically injured each year in accidents involving excessive speed. The risk of death or debilitating injury increases along with vehicle speed, and police in two states have voiced concerns about a controversial social media application that they say is encouraging younger motorists in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. to drive dangerously fast.

Improving safety at the worksite

Workplace illnesses and injuries have declined across the nation. However, work-related deaths are on the rise. According to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2014, nearly 5,000 work-related fatal injuries occurred around the country, which marked the largest amount since 2008. Therefore, Pennsylvania employers should focus on making their workplace safer.

Car accident risks go up when drivers are drowsy

There are numerous drowsy drivers on Pennsylvania's highways. When people get too little sleep, their risk of being involved in car accidents increases substantially. This poses a danger to themselves as well as to others. A study released in early December shows how problematic getting insufficient sleep can be.

Central Transport forklifts found to be unsafe

Pennsylvania residents may be interested to learn about an investigation into unsafe forklift operations that was conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Inspectors for OSHA recently determined that a large-scale problem with unsafe forklifts has been putting workers at risk for years. Every year, around 85 people are killed and 34,900 people are injured in forklift accidents.

Hot work hazards and safety tips

Every employment has its particular set of dangers, and those who have hot-work jobs in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. are faced with a number of challenges as they perform their daily tasks. Hot work, such as grinding, soldering, brazing, cutting, burning and welding, puts workers in risk of burns from possible ignition if sparks come in contact with combustible or flammable materials nearby. Flammable gas leaks from hot work equipment and other sources can fill the area and lead to an explosion as well.