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Month: March 2019

What to say after a car accident

With about 6 million car accidents happening across the United States each year, you’re more than likely to be involved in a crash at some time or another.After an accident, it’s important to remember that there are only two things you need to address with...

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Beware of potholes

Spring has sprung, but winter has taken its toll. While it may seem like less snow and ice would make driving safer, winter often leaves the roads in bad shape.As the snow and ice continue to melt, you’ll likely begin to notice large cracks and potholes in the...

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Do horses pose a safety risk?

Many people find horses to be beautiful, magnificent animals. They are powerful, yet sleek. And whether you are a professional rider or enjoy horseback riding for sport, horses can help you access terrain another mode of transportation might not allow you to see or...

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