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Daylight saving time and the risk of drowsy driving

Drowsy driving causes nearly 10 percent of all the car crashes in Pennsylvania and the rest of the U.S., according to a traffic safety study by AAA. The same organization has just released another study suggesting that drowsy driving is more common immediately following daylight saving time. The loss of one hour of sleep could cause many to feel groggy the next day. However, AAA has some advice on how to avoid getting in an accident during this adjustment period.

Governors can act to improve roadway safety

For state officials in Pennsylvania and across the United States, highway safety is a major personal concern as well as a public policy issue. Car accidents can be the cause of severe personal injuries that can often be fatal. Therefore, cutting down on the number of them can be a matter of high priority. A report issued by the National Governors Association aims to provide guidance and advice to state governors who want to establish more effective systems to help cut the number of dangerous accidents.

New safety tech can significantly reduce backup crashes

New rear collision avoidance systems can substantially reduce backup crashes throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of America, according to a new report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. However, the technology is currently available as an option in only 5 percent of new vehicles.

Marijuana holiday may account for increase in car crash deaths

A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine suggests that an annual marijuana holiday on April 20 may be behind a yearly increase in car crash deaths. Though Pennsylvania has not legalized recreational marijuana use, drivers should know that the self-proclaimed holiday is celebrated across the nation and fatal car crash rates tend to increase around 4/20 in most, though not all, states.

Automated technologies are already reducing car crashes

Many people in Pennsylvania have heard a great deal about the potential of automated driving technology on the horizon. Media articles often feature reports about what a future of driverless vehicles could look like. While the vision of a fully autonomous, electric vehicle may still be some way in the future, there are already a number of driving technologies that are helping to improve safety on the road today.

Collision avoidance systems can increase road safety

Collision avoidance technologies may be helping Pennsylvania drivers and others across the country to avoid accidents and injuries on the road, according to research conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. These technologies, including lane departure warning systems and blind spot alerts, can help to cut down significantly on the number of car accidents, especially ones that cause injuries.

NTSB calls for tougher speeding laws

Traffic accident fatalities in Pennsylvania and around the country increased have increased sharply despite significant advances in automobile safety and the introduction of autonomous crash avoidance systems. Experts have blamed the surge in road deaths on higher traffic levels and an epidemic of cellphone use by drivers and pedestrians, but a July 2017 report from the National Transportation Safety Board suggests that speeding may be the true culprit.

Steps to take after being involved in a car accident

When a Pennsylvania resident is involved in a motor vehicle accident, their first priority should be to seek medical assistance for any injuries. They should also contact the police if criminal activity, such as drunk driving, may have been a contributory factor to the incident. Once these pressing concerns have been taken care of, a motorist might need to inform their insurance provider about the crash.

How Uber and Lyft can deny liability for their drivers' crashes

Thanks to ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft, Pennsylvania residents have more transportation options than ever. These businesses pay independent contractors who use their own vehicles to drive patrons. The fact that the drivers are independent contractors can protect the companies when drivers are involved in accidents.

The importance of right-of-way laws

It can be difficult for some Pennsylvania drivers to safely navigate busy intersections, especially when there are only stop signs or if another motorist is attempting to make a right-hand turn. To help prevent accidents and make the roads safer, right-of-way laws provide the ground rules for who is allowed to go first in specific cases. Failing to follow right-of-way laws can result in serious car accidents.

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