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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Auto accident injuries may not always be immediately clear

Motorists or passengers who are involved in a traffic accident in Pennsylvania sometimes seem to have escaped the crash unharmed only to develop injuries days, weeks or even months later. Emergency medical personnel are skilled at spotting injuries that may not be readily apparent, but the equipment that they carry into the field is unable to detect certain types of internal trauma or soft tissue injuries.

Dangers of wrong-way accidents

Every year in Pennsylvania, a number of wrong-way driving accidents occur, resulting in serious injuries or fatalities for those involved. Although these types of accidents are rare, they have a much higher capacity for fatalities. As a result, the National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, has taken a special interest in them, studying them since the 1960s.

Using technology to help with driver fatigue

Pennsylvania residents know that in today's busy environment, many people cannot find the time to sleep enough. While this is a common complaint for many adults, it can also become a deadly problem when mixed with driving. Drowsy driving, caused from fatigue and lack of sleep, often leads to serious and sometimes fatal accidents.

How Pennsylvania treats roadside memorials to car crash victims

Because we must use the same city streets and highways where tragic auto accidents sometimes occur, we all have seen roadside memorials to the deceased. It is often just a matter of hours before friends and family begin leaving flowers, signs and mementos honoring the victim at the spot where he or she was fatally wounded.

Van overturns on Route 8, closing road

An accident on Route 8 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania left the road shut down and officials wondering just what in the world happened. A white van was driving down Route 8 when it caught the curb and was pulled towards a pole. The van collided with the pole and rolled over, leaving the driver of the vehicle rattled and the vehicle itself in a very damaged state.

What should you do after a car accident?

For many people out there, getting into a car accident will be a first for them. These are the lucky ones, the people who have never had to deal with their insurance company in the wake of a wreck before. But that doesn't mean they don't deserve sympathy. Car accidents are traumatic and confusing events. And for these car accident newbies, they may not know exactly what they're supposed to do following a crash.

How does alcohol increase a driver's risk of causing an accident?

Anyone who has ever drank alcohol to the point of intoxication knows the strange combination of relaxation, giddiness and clumsiness it can cause. Drinking can be pleasurable, but it can also make us unfit to drive. What is it about alcohol that affects the human brain this way?

2 bus crashes within 10 hours injure 7 in Pittsburgh

Many Pittsburgh residents ride in Port Authority buses every day. No doubt some of our readers take the bus to and from work, or use it to get to other destinations. This form of public transit can be a cheap, convenient alternative to driving, but riding the bus does not guarantee that you will not be hurt in a traffic accident, as a recent story from KDKA-TV shows.

Google to release monthly self-driving car crash reports

In an update to the potentially troubling report that Google’s self-driving car prototypes have been in at least 11 car accidents, the company has promised not to keep quiet about such incidents in the future. However, critics say that Google’s new policy still will not inform the public sufficiently about possible defects in the automated driving system.